Secrets of Colours *By: Ernesto Zollo

Our experience  of colour lives in our mind and grow with us. As we grow older our experience of colour is expressed through the colours we choose to wear in our clothes and our home life. Colours give a energy that vibrates. Colour healing is the medicine of the future. Colour has the power to heal stimulate excite, feel, cool, heat, radiate, lift your spirits and help create passion or sedate calm, help to bring your feeling down to a low point.

Possibly you have never thought that colours – some more than others – can affect your health, both well and poorly. Especially, where an illness brings on depression or feelings of low self-esteem, colours can do a great deal to bring you back to good health and therapy.

Colour is life; life is colour.

—-The universe only exists if you think it and believe it, your mind has the power to create the universe if you believe or void it if you do not. Such is the power of your mind. Think it and it exists that is real power.The power to create even the universe. Now do you begin to understand the power within your mind. The ultimate power of life or death and everything in between.

—-I will show you how to use the power of your mind with the energy of colour to change your world. You will learn the true secret of colour energy and how to use it. You will learn how to replace negative energy with positive energy.